The A level result algorithm is proof that the government thinks we’re all just cogs in a machine

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I posted this on Twitter a few minutes ago:

We are all, of course, to some extent just that. I am under no illusions. But as I wait for results with my son that feel that they might be almost as random as a National Lottery draw, and have  little to do with his real achievements, that is no comfort.

If there is something in life that should be liberating and not oppressing it is education. But this government - and others - have revealed that they think it all about serving the needs of the system and nothing at all about the person’s own experience, effort and reward.

And that’s deeply depressing.

The so-called libertarians on the right are very clearly anything but that.

This needs to be recalled, often, when we consider what world we want. It’s most definitely not this soul destroying one that is intent on delivering the message of personal irrelevance to our young people.