Scotland is not amused

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I can't help but share this from The National in Scotland today, for whom I wrote on occassion:

THE SNP will win an overall majority and have an overwhelming mandate for indyref2 in 2021, according to an exclusive bombshell poll which puts the party on an incredible 53% of the constituency vote.

The Panelbase poll, commissioned by ScotGoesPop, also indicates that Nicola Sturgeon’s party would gain 48% of the regional list ballot vote in next year’s Holyrood elections.

Seat projections based on this would see the SNP gaining an additional nine seats, bringing the number of SNP MSPs to 72 — a thumping pro-independence majority even before you add in the projected five seats for the Scottish Greens.

This would dramatically increase pressure on Boris Johnson to grant a Section 30 order to hold indyref2.

Jackson Carlaw’s Scottish Tories are projected to lose six seats, bringing their total down to 25, while Richard Leonard’s Scottish Labour party is set to lose five seats, leaving them with 19 Holyrood politicians.

And it’s looking set to be an even more turbulent time for the Conservatives down in Westminster, with the poll revealing that, as it stands, the party would lose every one of its six Scottish constituencies to the SNP, who would gain 10 seats to bring them to 58 in total. That would leave them short just one seat of sweeping Scotland — Labour’s Ian Murray in Edinburgh South.

Scotland is rightly not amused with England right now.

Will there still be a Union in a few years time? I doubt it.