Donations: an update

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I wrote about the new donations box on this blog yesterday, but had to say that at that time it was not live. Getting it embedded properly took a little longer than expected.

I am pleased to say that the box is now live, and works. And I am grateful to those who donated yesterday. Their donations more than covered the cost of adding the option. I am reassured by that.

As requested, the option to pay via PayPal and direct by bank transfer has also been added. I am aware that many do not want to provide card details online.

There are, however, still some bugs left on the blog at this moment. If you use the search facility right now you will, for example, get a response saying you have crashed the blog. You won't have done, thankfully. But you won't get your results either. Quite a lot of behind the scenes updating has gone on in the last day or so. I hope that's the last bug to be sorted. I hope it will happen today. Thanks for your patience.