The NHS has ‘survived’ by gutting what the NHS is

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Ipsos Mori has just issued opinion polling that includes this summary:

Please note, the fuzziness was in the original supplied to me by them to me by email (hence no link).

The key question I have to ask is a simple one and is at what cost has this confidence been bought?

A&E admissions are down by 50%.

Cancer is not being treated.

People are dying at home of heart attacks.

Chronic conditions are not being treated.

Mental health care has ceased to supply many of its normal services.

The NHS can now treat coronavirus. But the ancillary health care cost has been enormous.

And the death rate of those in ICU in the UK is still one in three, which is very high and suggests that the admission threshold for Covid-19 may also be set too high.

The NHS has 'survived' by gutting what the NHS is.

Was that the definition of survival that we thought appropriate? I would suggest not.

PS: I read this very moving article by Aditya Chakrabortty just after posting this. Please read it.