Postpone Brexit, now

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It is quite astonishing how quickly Brexit has been forgotten. Coronavirus has swept it aside. But to ignore the fact that it is ongoing, and due to be completed by 31st December this year, would be a significant error, and most especially as the scale of the coronavirus in the UK, and right across Europe, becomes apparent.

As Politics Home has reported this morning:

The next round of Brexit trade talks has been cancelled as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Around 200 negotiators had been due to sit down for face-to-face discussions in London on Monday.

But as the numbers struck down by Covid-19 continues to rise across the world, the decision was taken to postpone the talks.

It is reasonable to presume that this delay will be for an unspecified period. Quite when the meetings of the required scale to manage Brexit might take place again is at present simply unknown. What is more, the capacity to deal with this issue might be seriously impaired right across Europe over the coming months. In that case it is glaringly obvious that the time has come for the government to announce that the date for us leaving the European Union has to be delayed.

I do not say this as a Remainer. I say it as someone who wants an organised departure from the EU if we are to have one at all. The chance of that was already slim: now it is non-existent. Surely some pragmatism has to prevail?