It is never time to accept the wrong thing, the mistake and the affront to others

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I could spend a lot of time and effort discussing Brexit today.

I won't. That's because right now saying a great deal won't change much.

But saying the UK leaving the EU is the most terrible mistake is the right thing to do.

Firstly, that's because it is.

Secondly, that's because saying so makes clear that this wrong must, one day, be corrected.

This country cannot be an isolationist state. It must be outward looking, generous, compassionate and, overwhelmingly, cooperative. Brexit denies all of this. One day I hope it will be otherwise. Our job now is to make clear that this remains our direction of travel.

To those who say that the time to give in, to accept, and to simply move on has arrived I have a simple response. It is never time to accept the wrong thing, the mistake, and the affront to others. There is only time to make amends.

I hope one day that the countries that currently make up the UK - for I strongly suspect they will not remain united - will have the chance to put this mistake behind them.

In the meantime faith in a bigger politics that embraces all has to be the basis for hope.

And I still live in hope.

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