Johnson’s failings

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It is worth recording just how badly the Johnson government is already doing. Unless we do we conceded the narrative to them.

First, a Johnson lie that has been shown to be just that. Johnson claimed there would be no internal border with Northern Ireland as a result of his EU agreement. And he said any trader asked to fill in a form as a result should bin it. But that was not true: there will be a border. And a great many forms, requiring 31 pieces of information, 29 of them compulsorily.

Then there is concern for the environment. This has disappeared. New building regulations will reduce and not increase the required environmental standards for new buildings, which is completely opposite to the required direction of travel.

And then there's the so-called Red Wall in the North he was going to take care of. Except many of those areas are now to lose council funding, with the winners being in southern Tory areas.

Johnson is failing already.

It has to be said so, time and again.