The Disunited Kingdom

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As The National newspaper has reported this morning (but which you will hardly find mentioned in the English press):

All three devolved parliaments in the UK have rejected the UK Government's EU Withdrawal Bill.

The Welsh Assembly last night joined Holyrood and Stormont in knocking back the proposal.

They added:

Nicola Sturgeon warned that if Boris Johnson's Government ignored the decisions from the three parliaments, he would simply be highlighting “how broken the Westminster system is”.

I think Sturgeon understates the case. what we have is a disunited kingdom. The four countries of the UK are utterly divided on their futures. This si the reality.

Of course I accept that the politicians in Stormont, Cardiff and Holyrood may be out of touch with their electorates. I also doubt that. A majority - in England - are treating that majority as the basis fo their entitlement to ride roughshod over the opinion of others. This is not the basis for any form of unity, as I have already argued this morning.

That the Union looks in peril seems to be beyond  doubt now.

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