This election needs to be about the climate – because there is no bigger issue than it

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The Guardian has reported this morning that:

Labour, the Scottish National party and the Liberal Democrats have backed calls for a televised climate debate between party leaders ahead of the election, warning that time is running out to tackle the global heating emergency.

School strikers, students and pensioners’ groups launched a campaign at the weekend to try to force political leaders to discuss the climate crisis live on television ahead of the December poll.

I am pleased to note that they add:

On Monday, Jeremy Corbyn supported the proposal, saying the upcoming election was the “last chance to radically change course, or face the threat of a hostile and dying planet”.

Corbyn is right.

This is, by far, the biggest issue in this election. It's much bigger than Brexit, although I'd suggest that is just a proxy for it. Those who are pro-Brexit are by and large older, and so indifferent or in denial of climate change, or are opposed to regulation, which tackling climate change will require.

So, bring it on, I say. Let's have the Green New Deal debate. We need it.