The Green New Deal amendment to the Queen’s Speech

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Caroline Lucas tabled the following amednement to the Queen’s Speech resolution this morning:

Amendment (a)
Caroline Lucas
At end add ‘but believe that the measures in the Gracious Speech fail to deliver the urgent transformative action required by the environment and climate emergency; call on your Government to enact a Green New Deal to restructure and decarbonise the economy and restore nature, including alternative measures of economic success to GDP, public investment of 5 per cent of GDP on well-paid jobs and new industries country-wide, energy efficiency programmes that end fuel poverty, community- owned renewables, publicly-owned and affordable public transport, cycling and walking, climate-friendly food and farming and mass building of zero-carbon council homes; urge your Government to establish a Committee on Sustainability to advise on restoring and protecting ecosystems; further urge your Government to prioritise climate justice, the reversal of social and economic inequality and the revitalisation of democracy, with legislation to end public spending on fossil fuel projects overseas, contribute a fair share to international climate finance for mitigation and adaptation alongside loss and damage, and to deliver a real living wage, a maximum pay ratio of 10:1, a universal basic income, proportional voting, votes at 16, citizens assemblies, an end to privatising public services like the NHS and a reversal of cuts inflicted on local government since 2010.’

It’s not an easy read, but that’s parliamentary language for you.

And it is broad in its ambition.

It’s also not got a hope of being passed, I know.

And yet this is important: the Tories ignored the environment in the Queen’s Speech. It is vital that the issue be acknowledged and addressed. Caroline is doing that. Good for her, I say.