Referenda: before or after a general election?

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I hate to say it, but this country, as it now stands, does not need one referendum. It needs at least two. And quite possibly three.

The first is obvious. It is a new Brexit referendum. The choice to be made is also obvious. Little agonising is required. Since No Deal is ruled out the options are what the EU has offered (once termed the ‘May Deal’) and Remain. All we actually now need is a vote, but this time knowing what it’s about. And yes, it should be binding.

But that’s only the first referendum we need. Scotland needs one on independence too. This cannot be avoided. At the very least Scotland needs to be given the power to hold one at a time of the Scottish government’s choosing.

And dare I say it, but a third, on electoral reform, is also necessary. Our parliamentary democracy is dying because it lacks any credibility now, precisely because it is so obviously unrepresentative. The House of Lords needs reform. So too does the status of the monarch (who has to become, at most, a titular head of state). And we need proper proportional representation. Now first past the post is incapable of delivering a stable majority government that is now imperative, and no longer a mere choice.

Labour has got to a People's Vote now. So too have most Remain parties.

The Scottish question has much less common ground, but it would surely suit all parties to resolve this again, at least for the time being.

And electoral reform? Surely that is common ground now? And if not, why not?

Offer these, plus support for the Lucas / Lewis Green New Deal Bill and hasn't a unity government got a programme for short term government? In which case shouldn't they happen before a general election?

I would think so. I know many will disagree.