Only Andrea Leadsom could get almost everything about her Green New Deal spending wrong

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Andrea Leadsom announced £1bn of extra government spending for the Green New Deal before the Tory party conference.

The sum involved is one-fiftieth of that needed. The Green New Deal Group think we need at last £50 billion a year for the next decade. And I have shown how to fund it. Others think much more is required. In other words, £1bn does not even qualify as a token gesture.

But worse, it will be expended in the most useless way possible, since it is going to be targeted on electric vehicle technology. That is, it will be spent on technology that will be largely non-renewable and that is intended to perpetuate the idea that we live apart from communities rather than in and with them.

It takes some effort to get Green New Deal spending pretty much wrong at every level, given the quantum onwards, and when there is so much to do.  But Leadsom has managed it. Which is staggering.