Political realignment is inevitable: business will want a say again

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I was having a discussion with a friend a day or two ago. Politics is not a common subject of conversation between us. These, though, are exceptional times. And we discussed the current state of British politics.

The key point I made was that whatever we have now is not durable. I offered a simple example that resonated with this person. I pointed out that there is now no party that represents business interests in the UK. And that, I suggested, in unprecedented and unlikely to last.

The Tories have long abandoned this role. The  Prime Minister has explicitly said so. 

The vast majority of the business community abhors Brexit but the Tories are dedicated to it.

The only part of the business community liking Brexit are the hedge funds, and they’re wealth extractors and not wealth creators, as businesses know.

I am not saying business must have political representation. But traditionally they have, and I strongly suspect that they will again.

In that case where we are is politically unsustainable and political realignment is inevitable.

The left needs to be ready.