It’s time to end this farce

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I could have kept an eye on the news from Brussels last night. But I had suffered enough. As a family we opted out of Brexit and went to see Fisherman’s Friends. It was touchy-feely, mildly left of-centre, meaning of life, rom-com stuff with enough folk music to keep at least two of us happy and the rest content. You came out feeling as if life could be better than the rat-race defined by pre-set arbitrary goals that exist mainly to constrain whilst offering the illusion of freedom. It was definitely a better use of time than watching endless news reports from Brussels.

Now we know that because of a fudge in which the U.K. played little part that we are to have another Brexit extension. The agony - for that is what it is - goes on. The indecision is perpetuated. And with May in charge nothing will change. She seemingly is incapable of any compromise to achieve that necessary goal.

What do we need now?

European elections, of course.

National elections too: I suggest the same day.

And then, revocation ideally. The farce of a Norway deal if necessary.

But most of all we need to move on. As we waste time on this issue we forget the countdown to irrevocable climate change continues; other issues needing to be addressed are ignored, and across the country millions continue to suffer as a result of austerity policies. There is a world beyond Brexit to deal with. 

It’s time to end this farce. May cannot do that. Let’s be candid about that and move on. Only a change in government will permit that - even if I now have little confidence in the leadership available from either party likely to lead any administration. It will take a long time to create the feel-good factor Fisherman’s Friends portrayed. In the meantime escapism will become the prevailing political requirement, simply as a matter of survival.