Maybe, just maybe, we need an extension

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Like a drunk, Brexit staggers on without a sense of destination or urgency, with all the sorrows implicit in the behaviour fully on view and yet wholly unacknowledged by those with any capacity to change the situation. 

The government has not moved red lines when it says it has.

Labour still demands solutions that change little and alienate many.

Parliament passed an almost meaningless Act that requires very little, as it turned out, yesterday.

And May criss-crosses Europe to avoid any real decision being taken.

At some time it will be appreciated that, like alcohol will the drunk, so Brexit will kill the country. And the only way to stop that happening is to give up Brexit altogether. 

We may need 12 steps to recover from this folly.

We will regret forever the time that this issue dominated life.

Its legacy cannot be erased from our lives. 

We will forever have to remind  ourselves that we tried Brexit and must never go there again. 

And we have to appreciate that this attempt at self-harm must be over. 

But as we have not done that yet then maybe, just maybe, the EU needs to give us a few more weeks, and an EU election, to appreciate the reality of our condition.

That, though, is the only reason I can see for an extension in the state we are in.

This is so bad. 

And it could get worse.