It’s time to revoke and move on

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Howard Reed challenged my view that No Deal was almost inevitable this week, expressed yesterday. His logic for doing so was that May will revoke Article 50 on Thursday using the Royal Prerogative if no other option but No Deal remains on the table at that time. As he suggested, she might prefer her legacy to be as the Prime Minister who tore the Conservatives apart rather than be as the Prime Minister who took us out of the EU and tore the Union apart.

I admit I had not considered this option. I think Howard might be right. She could retrieve a little of her credibility, at least in the country at large, by doing that. I think she would then have to go. But at least there would be a collective and massive sigh of relief that we had been put out of our misery.

And Howard also hints at the question of the week. I know it could be about extensions, but I think, and rather hope, the time for that is over. This week is all about revocation. It is time to admit we cannot do Brexit. An attempt was made but there is no option available that makes it work. Let’s revoke, and move on now.