Dominic Raab proves why we are in a Brexit mess

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i tried to resist writing this blog post. But I could not.

Dominic Raab has admitted he only realised that the Dover - Calais trade route was fundamental to UK economic well being after being appointed Brexit Secretary.

I’m not going to doubt his sincerity.

Nor am I going to question his timing.

I am just going to ask how anyone with such a lack of curiosity that they cannot appreciate something so basic made it to selection as an MP, let alone got to have Cabinet rank on an issue where this mattered.

I spend my life watching, observing and questioning. I do not go anywhere without asking what the trade of that place might be, and how it makes a living. Isn’t that the very life blood of political economic thinking? And when I say place, by the way, I mean country, city, town or village. I still ask the question. And if I have time I seek an answer. And that’s precisely why I became interested in infrastructure as well.

This not only matters in macro terms. If Raab is interested in markets - by which I mean real markets and not financial ones - then that question is one anyone has to ask, continually. Which makes me look for the unseen as well as the seen.

But Raab lacks that basic curiousity about how those that he seeks to represent make their livelihoods,

I despair. It seems like the least we should expect  of a politician. But he hasn’t  even wondered how goods get in and out of this place he calls home. Talk about being removed from reality.......