Brexiteers and Trump have the same goal: reclaiming the supremacy of the white, rich male

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Conversations with several people over the last week have made me reflect on the meta-narrative of right-wing thinking that so dominates our news at present. The conversations began about what motivates the right wing of the Tory party. It extended to Trump.

The conclusions are that the motivations may be similar in their desire, but are not the same because the national contexts are different.

In the UK the sense is that the core desire is to dismantle the effect of 1945. The aim appears to be the destruction of the welfare state. The object is to recreate the raw brutality of inter-war Britain where poverty was used as an economic and social weapon of control. It did not work. But that does not matter. Ending the idea that the state should provide any form of safety net or have a role in society would appear to be the goal of the Brexiteers and their libertarian funders.

In the States this message is already easier to deliver because welfare provision never made such progress. As a result the nuance there appears to be different, even if the goal of taking the country back to a supposed better era is also present. But in the US the target is not the state. It is women. Everything about Trump seems dedicated to this process of destroying the role of women in society by subjugating them to men.

The overlaps are obvious. The underlying goal in both cases is to reclaim the supremacy of the white, rich male. And it sickens me to my core.