Even the Tories are cancelling privatisation contracts

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From the FT today:

The UK is set to tear up private companies’ contracts to run probation services and embark on a comprehensive rethink of supervision for offenders, in a stark admission that reforms introduced just three years ago have gone badly wrong.

The plans to be unveiled by justice secretary David Gauke on Friday effectively end a system of paying companies for probation services largely based on whether offenders under their supervision commit new crimes.

The move to unwind the reforms introduced by former justice secretary Chris Grayling is just the latest example of serious problems with the UK’s outsourcing of public services to the private sector.

Three things to note and use in conversation. This proves:

  1. The state can do things better than the private sector;
  2. The Tories now know this;
  3. The government can take services back into the state sector.

The obvious corollary is that is this can be done for the probation service is can be done elsewhere.