The Department of Transport is not on track for Brexit

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I am not sure a National Audit Office report on the Department of Transport is standard holiday reading. But in the light of my comments on the potential for traffic issues to create crippling cash flow issues for UK business this one could not pass me by, and is out today.

These are the issues thatDepartmentnment for Transport is working on with regard to Brexit:

And this is the state of progress:

And this is the state of progress:

Note that as yet they have no idea what to do about borders.

And the only way to control the problems at Dover is to turn the M20 into a giant car park on a scale not previously imagined, with consequent transport chaos.

Maybe 7 million new driving licences are required. No one knows if they will be available by 29 March.

Or if UK lorry trailers will be allowed on the continent then.

Or if planes really will fly.

Am I right to predict chaos, when all this is dependent on a Department with an appalling track record? I think so. I strongly suspect the NAO shares the view, overall. As they say:

In essence, the NAO are saying that the official DExEU line is hopelessly optimistic; that the reality is nothing is safely on track for delivery; the border issue is being ignored and quite a lot is causing concern. What is more, the NAO imply they think this assessment too optimistic.

It's not looking good.

I stick by my forecast of chaos.