Is it time for a coalition to save the UK?

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I suggested lasr Thursday that there would be resignations and was quite surprised to find that by Saturday morning there were none. But I just had to wait. Now David Davis and his team have flounced out. It is hard to see how Johnson and Gove stay in that case; I have a suspicion this is not the end of May’s crisis.

And crisis it is. At least twenty per cent of her MPs will now actively want her gone. The rest will offer support only because, quite extraordinarily, she  is the best option they have.

May’s government has finished can kicking. Whatever happens Davis proves that the option of compromise with Brexiteers has come to the end of its useful life. Now she has to say what she wants or other options have to be looked at.

And this has to be done with a 29 March deadline in mind. Which means waiting for a September general election looks like a decidedly time consuming choice. But does she have an alternative? And would any new leader have any other choice?

On the greatest issue of the day the largest party in Parliament is hopelessly divided and effectively unable to govern.

And the opposition is not in possession of a plan that comes remotely near solving the problem, which only ‘Norway plus’ does.

A general election appears essential and yet also hopelessly inadequate as a solution when neither main party appears remotely capable of facing the current political reality.

I am not asking that we remain in the EU.

But I am asking for a little recognition from left and right that the U.K. is not, right now, in a place where most people want to compromise much of its well being for political experiments outside any recognisable international  framework for trade when, to put it bluntly, the reforms we need and require are possible within a Norway plus style agreement.

But who will say so, the Greens, Lib Dems, SNP and Plaid apart?

Maybe they should be talking about an active alliance to preserve the U.K.,  which would be pretty paradoxical for nationalist parties. But right now the strange has to happen.