Why did business take so long to work out Brexit?

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A couple of people have, of late, asked why it is that it has taken so long for business to react to the Brexit fiasco. I think it's a good question. Why it is only now that we have the City, car manufacturers, Airbus and others all suggesting that they may have to leave the UK because of Brexit? And why didn't they say anything before the referendum? I offer three reasons.

The first is that big business does politics (big time), but prefers not to be seen to be doing so. As a result they hopelessly misread this one.

Second, they thought that the Leave campaign could not possibly win. They hopelessly misread that.

Third, they thought that a Tory government would be competent. They really hopelessly misread that as well.

But if you can get so many things wrong then it's also fair to ask how competent business really is? Those that think it may be are also guilty of hopelessly misreading that one.

If business has got this wrong they have only themselves to blame. They want influence. They should accept responsibility.

But we have a right to blame them as well.