No wonder Boris Johnson wants to ‘f**k business’: he and his colleagues have already ‘f**ked the government’

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I read Isabel Hardman’s piece on Theresa May’s failure to address social care in The Observer yesterday. It was damning, especially coming from a member of The Spectator’s editorial team. In it she said:

That most of the cabinet are demanding more money isn’t really May’s fault: many of her ministers are having to deal with the legacy of cuts made under David Cameron’s government.

And that’s right of course. Except May was a senior member of that government, which was run by the two bosom pals of Boris Johnson, her foreign secretary. And it occurred to me that there was no polite way to put this: together they had fucked the government with their policy of austerity. And having achieved that astonishing feat, and called it a success, they are now fucking business and are claiming that too is an exercise in competence.

It takes the most supreme arrogance, stupidity, personality disorder, or all three to achieve both goals and still think you have done something useful. But take a bow May, Cameron, Osborne and Johnson because that is what you have done.

It’s just too kind to the word ‘twat’ to use it to describe such people. The charge is much more serious than that.