You worry about household debt, but is the Bank of England’s deputy governor?

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The Guardian has reported tbhi morning that:

Deputy governor Jon Cunliffe told BBC radio this morning that he’s concerned about families with high debt levels.

Cunliffe warned that some households have run up worrying levels of debts, which could drag them into a crisis if the economy sours, saying:

“(Household debt is) quite high by historical standards but (households have) worked hard to put those debt levels down. But within that there are areas that you do worry about.

“You worry about households that have high debt (and) could be badly affected in a recession.”

I am worried about the language.

“You worry”, he is saying.

But is that because he isn’t.

And is that because he’s all right?

Could it be that a member of the elite has inadvertently let his guard slip, and shown he leaves concern to everyone else?