The ‘other’ has been identified and now they’re being denied their ‘papers’ and rights

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The corporate state works by rules. Violate them and you are the 'other'.

The 'other' is the group of persons that the corporate state requires so that blame may be apportioned.

The 'other' in the modern world is the migrant.

Trump is calling for their summary deportation, without any right to a trial or appeal.

Italy has exposed the lack of willingness within Europe to address the issues migrants give rise to, but in a way intended to appease a populist agenda.

The UK has been lambasted for the fees it charges to those who want to naturalise in the UK, making that impossible for many whatever rights they may have.

And this is just some of this weekend's news.

If evidence was required that we need to rethink migration it is available in vast quantities.

But let's also ask why this evidence is becoming so apparent. It is because the corporate state is seeking to make the migrant a scapegoat. It has found its 'other'.

And the corporate state is, of course, the fascist state, where transgressing the rules is the crime, and the rule that is transgressed is not having paperwork to prove the right to human rights that mere existence should provide.

I do not think the march towards the new fascism is co-ordinated by plan. I do think it is by motivation. And that motivation is hate.

The state. when misused, can all too easily round up the usual suspects whose paperwork fails to pass its own artificial standards. That's the work in progress now. And Brexit will make it much worse.