We’re in a mess and the local elections prove it

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As the Guardian has reorted this morning:

Jonathan Carr-West, CEO of the Local Government Information Unit, said: “At present it looks like a better night for the Conservatives than many would have anticipated, while Labour results have not quite lived up to expectations. The Lib Dems made big strides in terms of numbers of councillors and swept away the Conservatives in Richmond, presumably benefiting from being the only major party opposed to Brexit in the borough that recorded one of the highest remain votes in the country.

“Overall though, we seem to be seeing an entrenchment of the status quo: a divided Britain in which big cities vote Labour and everywhere else votes Conservative,” said Carr-West.

Well said that man: I can’t precis it better than that.

So what, then? That's the more important question. I stress, this is an initial reaction.

First, the Tories will be delighted. Given just how bad they are this is a good result for them.

Second, it follows what this was a bad night for Labour. It was. It was dire. If they can't make progress against a government this bad things are grim for them.

Third, anti-Semitism matters. Labour take note.

Fourth, to far too many the Windrush revelations don't matter. Shame on them.

Fifth, our democracy is in trouble. This is the biggest issue. The prospect in this is that no party can win in first part the post, and that this is unlikely to change. So, first part the post fails in its own terms then. The case for electoral reform is overwhelming.

Sixth, given that I cannot see us getting electoral reform expect a continuing big role for the Lords: the unelected will have to save us from ourselves.

Seventh, there will be weak government. We have it. We might want an alternative. We are not going to get it. We are going to get what we deserve, which is chaos.

Eighth, Brexit will be bad then because no one will have the time to really direct it, whatever happens.

Ninth, this is Britain in decline.

Tenth, expect a brain drain. Who will want to come here if we're in a mess?

Eleventh, so much for taking back control.

Twelfth, in this mess anything could happen. The most likely is the end of the Union.

Sure all that's an extrapolation. Caveat emptor. But it's logical.