Tax Research and your data

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Most people will by now be all too aware of forthcoming changes in data law. This has required that I review Tax Research’s data policy.

There is a new data policy page on the blog, here. Please do read it.

You will find new wording when you post a comment.

You will be asked, at least once, to confirm that you are happy to accept the Cookies this blog uses.

I have made clear your right to inspect the data Tax Research holds on you, but wish to make clear that will only be your record of comments made because there is nothing else.

I also make it clear we share this data with absolutely no one.

Nor do we ever mail you unless you ask to be mailed. So, you have to ask for mail follow up to a comment you make. We do not send it otherwise.

And if you are receiving daily mail updates from us that is because you asked for them and confirmed your wish to subscribe. We have never put a name on that mailing list. Nor can we access it. And every mail asks if you would like to unsubscribe. As a result we are not asking you to reconfirm your wish to be on the list because you have already done so.

But if you have any concerns at any time please let me know.

Best regards

Richard Murphy

Director, Tax Research LLP