What the UK needs is a calm, steady voice of reason and I can’t spot one

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The UK is descending into chaos.

The IMF now says its forecast of an economic consequences to Brexit is proving to be correct.

The Windrush fiasco, which is literally all May's handiwork, is destroying relationships with the Commonwealth.

And with EU citizens in the UK.

Whilst the attitude of many Commonwealth countries to LBGT people makes them repugnant preferred trading partners for many in this country.

The EU is planning emergency legislation for a hard Brexit.

Over half of UK legislation for Brexit has yet to make its parliamentary debut.

That which is in progress is stalled due to opposition that makes the chances of government majorities remote.

The government is itself litigating to find out what it must do with Wales and Scotland and their powers post Brexit because it has not got a clue.

And all this fuels the feeling of the UK being hopelessly adrift and on its own, alienated from most nations by its own racism and arrogant perception of its separateness when it has, as a trading nation, always been dependent on others.

It is exceptionally hard to see a way out of this mess. It's easy to blame. But what is really required is a calm, steady voice saying now is the time to find a solution. That this will entail a humiliating climb down that many in England will find very hard to take just adds to the problem. But in the wider interest that has to happen.

I can't, though, spot that calm, steady voice. And that is really worrying.

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