The Lords will have their say on Brexit

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As the FT reports this morning:

The House of Lords is expected to vote for Britain to remain in an EU customs union this week, inflicting a damaging defeat on the government. The upper chamber of the British parliament is currently debating the EU withdrawal bill, which lays the legal ground for Brexit.

The Lords are expected to support, perhaps by a majority of more than 50, an amendment sponsored by Chris Patten, a former Conservative chairman, calling for the government to negotiate an arrangement “which enables the United Kingdom to continue participating in a customs union with the EU”.

I am not surprised, for three reasons.

First, the Lords can see the sense of doing this, which is the minimum required to stop an absolutely shambolic Brexit. In itself they support this amendment.

Second,  May's contempt for parliament over Syria will be evidenced in the Lords as well as the Commons. Whatever authority May had is ebbing away.

Third, many will feel, as James Comey does of Trump, that May is no longer morally fit to lead: there are just too many reasons to think she lacks any of the necessary judgement to be prime minister. This will be a perfect chance to deliver a protest vote.

It is my sincere hope that the Commons takes note.

It is an even stronger hope that they will find the same resolve on the single market.