Taking back the right to kick the can down the road

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The UK and EU have, broadly speaking, agreed terms the transitional agreement until the time the UK applies for readmission to the EU leaves the EU.

I am struggling to see how the government is going to sell this deal to Brexit voters. Effectively those who say we have moved from being a decision maker to a decision taker look to be right. We are unambiguously worse off as a result.

And it has again been conceded that Northern Ireland may have to join the Republic in a single administrative region within the EU customs union and single market, effectively drawing a border in the Irish Sea. I cannot see how this does anything but suggest that no other solution will ever be found on this issue.

So, what this deal does is simply kick a can down the road whilst all the hard decisions that have to be faced are avoided by a government that has no clue how to deliver on the promise it has made to Brexit.

I can't see 60 Tory MPs buying that.

Nor can I see the DUP doing so: they must be able to read the massive writing on the wall.

And that leaves just one real unanswered question, which is how long is it before this fiasco is drawn to a close and either Article 50 notice is withdrawn, or  a whole new negotiation or a Norwegian basis is begun, or even an application for readmission is made because right now what is very clear is that Hard Brexit is considered to be well beyond any reasonable possibility of delivery.