Brexit’s epitaph will be ‘What have we done?’

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The Guardian reproduces data on the cost to the UK's regions of Brexit in three different scenarios this morning:

Remember, this is not project fear material, this is from the Department responsible for delivering Brexit.

The distribution is hardly surprising: areas with more trade in goods based income will be hit worst and financial services and services in general will be hit least.

But it's the questions that matter and which people need to answer.

Is a supposed increase in democracy that might actually deliver Rees-Mogg worth this?

Is supposedly controlling migration, which is something we can do anyway but have chosen not to do, even now, worth this?

Are the weaknesses in the EU - and they are real - worth this?

When it comes to Brexit there are, I am well aware, no right and wrong answers, whatever anyone says. There are only better or worse ones. Except the data shows that there are only worse ones.

One day someone is going to ask 'what have we done?' and no one will be able to answer.