We ain’t seen nothing yet

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I liked this from Gaby Hinsliff in the Guardian this morning:

So nothing is agreed until everyone finds out exactly what it is that they’re supposed to be agreeing, at which point it is still perfectly possible that nobody will agree to any of it. But the aim is to push the inevitable moment of truth — the point where both leavers and remainers realise exactly what’s going to happen, and someone goes ballistic — as far down the road as possible.

She is, of course, right: this is the aim. The hope of the Remainers is that the Brexiteers will find out too late that it's soft after all.

And the Brexiteers hope that nothing is agreed, too late to do anything about it.

As the saying goes 'We ain't seen nothing yet'. And that's because the fall out from all this will be horrible, at best, and will divide this country for generations to come. Just look at Ireland post 1922 if you want to understand that. It's politics has still not recovered.