Chaos is not the ‘will of the people’

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You have had mornings like this. My energy levels are low. My son won't make college today despite his recently discovered, and much appreciated by me, work ethic because he just feels too ill to get up, and Brexit is more depressing than ever.

When the best three answers to the Irish issue are a) Ireland rejoin the UK b) Ireland unites in the EU and c) Sinn Fein take their Westminster seats to join the DUP in opposing Brexit you know you really are between a rock, a hard place and desperate comment. Those are not going to happen, although the last is most likely and that's in hat-eating territory.

But as important is another issue, which is David Davis denying parliament the information it demanded. If anyone thought that Brexit was about taking back control now they should note that it clearly is not. If it was thought Brussels was unaccountable and the EU system of government undemocratic then in one move Davis has confirmed Brexit and all that will follow from it will be just as bad. There will be no control.

So Brexit threatens trade. And it threatens our nationhood, whilst most definitely not bringing back control. So what's left of it? Migration, as far as I can tell. And despite the fantasies of the Brextremists we can't do without that but can at most begin to make minor reforms to it. So all this is not just worthless, but is a fiasco causing untold harm.

And still most politicians bleat on about 'the will of the people'. Let me remind them that no one voted for chaos. And if that's all that politicians can deliver then they're not delivering the will of the people. They are, instead, collectively failing. This is the unfortunate best summary of both our major parties at present. And that just adds to the cost of this whole, disastrous episode that will define the politics of these now deeply divided islands for many decades to come.

No wonder people want to crawl back under the duvet and hope it will all go away. But I won't be joining them.