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I am aware that this is not the only blog on the web and that, exciting as I think some of its content might be, readers here do have other needs that must be satisfied. That was one reason why the Progressive Pulse blog was created.

In recent weeks I have been supporting  another new site. This is Brave New Europe, which claims it is the first trans-European website exclusively challenging the neo-liberal discourse.

Partly edited by Nick Shaxson, who is closely linked to all things tax justice, the website disseminates expertise with a radical face concerning European politics, finance, economics, and sustainability. Its goal is to be an interface between experts, activists and citizens, connecting theory and experience with practical politics.

A broad range of over 120 authors, many eminent in their fields, including academics, NGOs, and activists are contributing to this unique European project. These include economists Ann Pettifor, Guy Standing, Mark Blyth, Heiner Flassbeck, Yanis Varoufakis, Steve Keen, Colin Hines and John Weeks; activists Srećko Horvat, Heikki Patomäki, and Olivier Tonneau; as well as Bhutan’s Programme Director for its Gross National Happiness Centre, Ha Vinh Tho, the philosopher Michel Feher, and the sociologist Wolfgang Streeck. As well as me, of course.

Right now most comment is in the form of republication of articles from other sites, such as this one. But the plan is to be broader in due course and to have its  own podcasts and book reviews. Additionally there will be links to current information in other media and films. The blog is well presented (which helps). I think it's worth taking a look.