Bring on the democratic revolution

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I am up against it for work this morning and was, as usual, reading the news and thinking on what to blog when I read this, from Owen Jones in the Guardian:

The Paradise Papers underline, once again, the sheer rottenness, injustice, immorality and bankruptcy of our social order. One rule for those at the top, another for everyone else. Relentless austerity for hundreds of millions across the west, justified on the basis of “there is no money”, while a grotesquely rich elite hoard their wealth away in tax havens. We can’t tinker with this system, it has to be replaced. A democratic revolution is surely coming in the western world, and this shameless, decadent elite only have themselves to blame.

Sometimes someone else says something better than I can. And Owen has here.

I am happy to be a part of that democratic revolution. It is precisely what we need now.