Oxfam: the heist no one is talking about

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Oxfam launched this hard hitting campaign video this morning. Some may find it distressing. But the reality is that in developing countries lost tax revenues do have direct consequences on people's lives in an even more direct way than they do in a country like the UK. And that's why I initially went into this work. this film is tough. But it faces reality:

We need multinational corporations and others who deny these countries the revenues they need to pay what they owe, now. And public country-by-country reporting would help deliver that. That's why I developed it.

As Oxfam say of this film:

When companies are transparent about where they pay tax, we can start holding large global companies to account if it looks like they are making big profits from a country that is seeing little tax in return. Until this happens, many people living in poverty will continue to go without the vital services they need and are entitled to.

Fair tax is vital to ending poverty

Through our work fighting the injustice of poverty around the world, we've seen the devastating impact that missing out on education, or medical treatment, or even the basics of clean water and sanitation can have on the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

The world's poorest people need a fair chance to overcome inequality and poverty - and that starts with fair taxes being paid in the countries where profits are made.

Just a third of the $100bn [approx. £78bn] tax that companies dodge in poor countries annually is enough to cover the bill for essential healthcare that could prevent the needless deaths of eight million mothers, babies and children.

We’re calling on everyone to help by signing this petition pushing the government to lead the way in making sure companies are upfront and honest about the taxes they pay - in all the countries they operate in. UK government must make good on its promise

Over a year ago the UK government promised to make this happen, but we are still no closer to seeing it as a reality. Together we can make sure they deliver on that promise.

If you can help by just signing the petition, please do.