Reducing the number of MPs is an assault on democracy

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Despite having no parliamentary majority, and do having no mandate for fundamental constitutional change, the government is permitting work to continue on the reduction in the number of MPs from 650 to 600.

This is a fundamentally undemocratic move. I know all the arguments about supposedly delivering proportionality. If that's the desire then my answer is simple: deliver what we really need to create that, which is proportional representation.

But if instead we are to have first past the post and the continuing pretence that one person can represent all the interests of the people in their community, even if many would never have voted for them, then at the very least there has to be a very profound dedication to the principle that constituencies must represent real communities, and not gerrymandered blocks of the population who happen to fit a geographically based, statistically consistent, model that has no bearing to the places where people live.

The reality is, of course, that this current model of reform was designed to symbolise the failed, and now near enough abandoned, model of austerity and was engineered by Osborne and Cameron to curtail the  democracy they so despised. If those MPs sitting now have any respect for people, the institution they sit in and democracy itself the very least they can do is consign it to the bin where it belongs.

And if they don't this will be another step on the way to creating the rotten state that will need to be peacefully reformed in due course.