Three things I did not write about this week

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I am aware that I have an above average blog posting rate, even if the sample base is restricted to bloggers. But there are still things I think I might blog about that I decide to let pass by. I happened to reflect on that this morning. Three stories I ducked this week came to mind.

The first was Moody's down-rating of the pound because of weaknesses in the government's finances. I could have made a song and dance of that. I didn't. Their opinion is obviously well founded. And it just confirms what I have been saying for I do not know how long. There was little to add.

Then there was May in Florence. Three factors prevented this one getting a look in. First it wasn't news. Even the EU did not turn up. Second, she had nothing to say that really added anything to understanding of what was already obviously necessary. Third, she revealed no strategy worth discussing. So I moved on.

And then there is the pre-Tory party conference hype from HMRC about two million couples not claiming the £230 married couples allowance to which they're entitled because of some past petty point scoring between Osborne and the Lib Dems over who was more family friendly, subject to appropriate form filling by all concerned. Unless I wanted to point out HMRC playing very obvious party politics just prior to the Labour conference, or the stupidity of offering tax allowances that are too hard to claim, which clearly evidences that they aren't needed, then why would I do that?

Sometimes what you don't do matters. But it needs reflection. Of these three the last was worth pointing out, because there was something to say on that, after all. It's done now.