Trump’s not out of road yet

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It takes an extraordinary ability, which few would aspire to have, to upset almost all in the world of politics and business simultaneously. Trump seems to have it. His comments post Charlottesville have been so unacceptable to the political, business and journalist communities by offering such obvious excuses  to the fascists who came to demonstrate in support of thier corrosively divisive, separatist, racist and anti-democratic causes that his apparent  support is draining away.

I would, however, urge a little caution before thinking that does for Trump and populism. Remember he was elected to 'drain the swamp'. Don't doubt hat sometime soon he will claim that's what he's been doing. He will say he has rid Washington of the purveyors of political correctness; of the business executives who so abuse the consumer they've got time on their hands to play politics and of the purveyors of fake news. What other line has he now got available to him?

And some of those who voted for him will lap it up because they'll say he is delivering for them. Don't doubt that abhorrent as his actions are they will appeal to some. It's easy to think Trump is running out of road. But he'll just say that the only road he's running out of is the one that the do-gooding Establushment built. And that will make him more dangerous and divisive still.

This is not over yet. Not by a long way.