All economic forecasts are wrong but the NIESR’s looks to be wildly optimistic

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According to the Guardian:

The National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) [has] said a boom in exports after the fall in the pound and a return to bumper wage rises next year will be enough to increase GDP growth to almost 2% and convince the central bank to increase the cost of borrowing.

As a matter of fact all economic forecasting is wrong. I can, therefore, be very confident that this is. However, I am as confident that those who disagree are a lot closer to the truth on this one.

Real wage rates are declining right now. I can't see any reason why much is going to change: the government is certainly not signalling relaxation on this issue.

The credit that has kept the economy rolling is now being restricted by the Bank of England.

Forward indication of interest rate rises will, rationally, restrict spending in anticipation of lower disposable income.

Business investment is very low. There is no indication of a change in mood, which is low.

The exchange rate adjustment happened a year ago and seems to have had no real export impact as yet. I am not sure why it should now then.

Brexit confusion is rampant and likely to get worse.

If the NIESR can see grounds for economic optimism in all that they're supping a different elixir to me.