The leaders of Europe must be laughing themselves silly

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Thursday looms on the horizon. I was told by a journalist yesterday that I should be in good heart. Most of his colleagues, he assured me, believed Labour was in for a good night. Because I simply do not know I cannot share their confidence. The fact is that bizarrely, after an election campaign that they called and which has been so dire, the Tories remain ahead in polls. I am aware of the trajectory but the only cross that matters is the one made with that short stubby pencil. We'll know on Thursday.

That said there are things we do know now. And they are worth reflecting on. The most important is that for a prime minister who said she needed this election to give her a strong mandate May will come out of this election greatly diminished.

This matters in Europe. She been seen to have no strategy. Her plans have a habit of falling apart. She can't think on her feet. All she can do is duck the question. The leaders of Europe must be laughing themselves silly at the scale of her incompetence.

This matters for the Conservative party which she has treated with contempt: brand Theresa was what mattered. They will take a long time to forgive that.

It matters for cabinet government. When most in that cabinet have been kept firmly out of sight during this election you can be sure resentment is simmering.

It matters in the Commons. The Bastards on her back benches will run her ragged after this.

It will matter in the Lords. A thin manifesto gives them ample to chew upon.

Can May survive this? If she has a majority she will, I think, make it through Friday. But for how long will she continue after that? I do not know. The Tories aren't subtle with a leader who threatens their hold on power. May looked unassailable. She doesn't any more. And that is entirely her own fault. One way or another her days are, I think, numbered.