Will May win?

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Politics Home reports this morning that:

The YouGov survey for The Times shows backing for Jeremy Corbyn's party has soared by five points to 38% in the past week.

Over the same period, Tory support has slipped by five points to 43% - meaning there has been a 10-point swing to Labour.

If the swing was repeated across the country on 8 June, the Tories would see their majority fall from 17 to just two seats.

They add:

Significantly, the poll of 2,052 voters was carried out after the Manchester bombing, suggesting Theresa May has had no boost from being able to make several appearances as Prime Minister while the election campaign was suspended.

First the words of caution. This is an opinion poll. And it is two weeks until the election. And May would still have a majority.

Now the words of hope. May could not govern with a majority of two: the Tory back benches would make her life impossible.

Then the warnings. Brexit will be an absolute shambles in this case.

And there are also the T&Cs. May has proved her ability to blow a massive poll lead. We don't know if that is real or not yet, although two polls show the trend. But, and it is a very big but, with a majority of two there is still not an alternative government in waiting. Labour would not be two behind: the SNP and all other parties will still be there two. Effective opposition will, in this case, require co-operation around an anti-austerity, pro-co-operation with the EU agenda to suggest a real alternative for the people of this country. Is that possible? I do not know.

In other words, contain your excitement.

But for democracy alone this is very good news.

And for the country it is better still. Even if May does still win, just.