The ‘doff your hat to PM May’ election

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All elections eventually appear to have a theme. In the current election an early front runner, that looks as though it will be the foundation for the entire Tory approach, is a very simple one. It's that we, the electorate, are being asked to doff our hats as a sign of respect to Prime Minister May when entering the polling booth and not have the temerity to ask what she might want to do with the power that will give her.

As an exercise in arrogance this is staggering.

What it says about society is as worrying, because people appear willing to do this.

Have we really returned to the point where most people are willing to accept that they have no right to question but must simply acquiesce with the whim of those with wealth-based authority?

And if so, what does this imply for the future?

In fact, is there a future to consider when all change is dependent upon the willingness to challenge those in current authority?

And was Marx wrong? Is pro-Tory Daily Mail propaganda the actual opiate of the masses?