Our post election Tardis is going to be smaller inside

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A comment in the Guardian is worth sharing the morning:

One EU diplomat said: “I am deeply pessimistic that there will be a positive outcome from this negotiation,” putting the chances of the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal as higher than 50%.

The EU is frustrated that May’s team has not, as they see it, “engaged with reality” on David Cameron’s promises to pay into the EU budget until 2020 — a promise Brussels insists the British must stick to. “They [the British] are not just on a different planet, they are in a different galaxy,” said the source.

There are two reasons for noting this. The first is that the sentiment on a failed negotiation appears to be commonplace in Brussels, where I have been for the last couple of days. It may all just be politics, but it does not seem like that. The fear that negotiations will collapse over the size of our exit bill, which I gather is very large indeed, appears to be very real.

The other reason is that the second sentiment might quite easily be applied to the whole state of UK politics at present. It appears we are having an election for another place, facing a different reality from the one we are in. Observing popular sentiment makes me feel as remote from the discussion as the average incomprehensible episode of Doctor Who does.

There is a point about Doctor Who though. That I recall it always ends up back on earth. And so will we, without a sonic screwdriver to fix the mess we'll be in. Sometime appreciation of that will dawn. What is more, we'll realise our new Tardis is smaller inside. It's going to be a mighty hard landing.