Is it fair?

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The following comes from the Rev Pail Nicolson of Taxpayers against Poverty. He asked people to ask their candidates:
Is it fair that:
​...​the regressive impact of the market and austerity has damaged the health and wellbeing of millions of citizens since 1979 and in particular since 2010?
...​rents rising faster than incomes leading The Resolution Foundation to forecast â€‹even â€‹lower incomes after housing costs by 16% for the poorest citizens over the next four years while the highest incomes rise 4%?

​...Income Support, Employment Support Allowance and Jobseekers Allowance (all at £73.10 pw) and Universal Credit â€‹at​  £317pm are too low  live on AND have to pay rent due to the bedroom tax and council tax.
​...​the NHS has reported 50%, or over 7300, more people, have been admitted to hospital with malnutrition in the four years since 2010?
​...​the Office for National Statistics has revealed an unprecedented increase in deaths in 2015 after decades of improvement?

​....​given what we know about the physical and emotional costs of moving house, the vulnerability of children’s education to frequent moves, and the disruption to schooling and social networks, that councils are demolishing council estates rather than maintaining them?

​​...t​o allow the UK to sleepwalk into a proliferation of insecure work which is short sighted, damages health and costs the taxpayers?

​...i​n 2010 it was estimated that inequalities in health accounted for productivity losses of £31-£33 billion per year, and £20-£32 billion a year in lost taxes and higher welfare payments.  Additional NHS healthcare costs associated with inequality were estimated to be in excess of £5.5 billion a year?