Oops moments

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I was watching the House of Lords debate on Article 50 last night: it shows the level of excitement I wanted in my life and the quality if the offering on other television channels I have available to me. There were a number of rather good speeches; some less so. A moment I enjoyed was when Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan, a Labour peer, described what he called the 'Oops moments' that are now creeping out of the woodwork when the ramifications of leaving the EU are considered.

Oops, we didn't think about Northern Ireland.

Oops, no one mentioned Euratom.

Oops, you mean we won't reduce inward migration?

Oops, the City might be leaving after all.

Oops, what is the cost of inducing all those car companies to stay?

Oops, we never thought we'd be creating mass migration from the UK of the key employees of many organisations.

Oops, as he actually put it, we just did not think about this.

And he was right.