If only Labour had one tenth of the gumption of the SNP: then we might have an Opposition

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Apparently Jeremy Corbyn tweeted that the real fight against Brexit started last night. That was after he had forced his MPs to vote for triggering Article 50.

Unsurprisingly many people are annoyed.

So they should be. There is no reason at all to think that there will be any such fight from Corbyn. I well remember sitting in Portcullis House (where most MPs have their offices) with one of his most senior advisers in February or March 2015 and being told that he and Labour were pretty much going to sit the referendum out because it was a chance to watch the Tories tear each other apart.

There was no understanding then of the significance of the issue. It was, apparently, just a party political game. But even at that level Labour has played this very badly indeed. At the level of acting in the best interests of the county it's done much worse. The last person we can rely on now is Jeremy Corbyn.

I've said it before and no doubt I will say it again: he is a charming man who I like. But he is not a suitable leader for the Labour Party or the Opposition. And the result is that when watching parliament anyone can see Labour in disarray and next to it is the SNP, working together to great effect to achieve common aims that let them put their differences aside to deliver their message to great effect. If the Labour leadership had one tenth of that gumption maybe it would take a fight. But right now it's hasn't. And we're all the losers as a result.