The tale from the stock markets guarantees tears for someone

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I have to say that this from Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer this morning is entirely appropriate:

What are stock markets telling us when they respond to Mr Trump and Mrs May by sending share prices to record highs? They are telling us that they think that the British prime minister is a phoney and the incoming American president is a conman. They are wagering that President Trump will betray the poorer voters who helped put him in the White House. They are betting that Theresa May will not deliver for the less affluent Britons whose Brexit votes helped elevate her to Number 10. That’s what the cash is saying. The “forgotten men and women” of America will be no better remembered in the Trump cabinet of tycoons. Mrs May’s “just about managing” will find out she is all jam tomorrow, never today.

The money temples are almost certainly right in their assessment of Donald Trump. Theresa May has the coming year to try to prove the markets wrong about her.

As I have said before, this tale looks like it will end in tears. In fact, it's guartanteed to do so for someone.