Thoughts on Richmond Park

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The Lib Dems have scored one of their historic by-election victories in Richmond Park overnight. Some initial reactions are appropriate.

First, don't say Brexit will not change the landscape of UK politics: it will.

Second, don't say the referendum was the last word on the issue: it clearly was not.

Third, don't say an electoral pact will not work: it clearly will. And remember when coming to that conclusion that UKIP did not stand.

Fourth, don't be racist; the vast majority of people do not like it.

Fifth, don't presume Labour will gain from this. I know this was Richmond Park, but getting 3.7% of the vote still suggests that people felt it had nothing to say.

Sixth, do take a little hope from this. Not masses, because that would be unrealistic. But a little, nonetheless. There is still a debate to be had.