The rise of renewables makes the continuing case for a Green New Deal

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As the FT reports in an email this morning:

Renewables have overtaken coal as the world’s largest source of power capacity and the sector is growing far faster than anyone thought, according to the International Energy Agency, with half a million solar panels installed every day last year.

This was, of course, the dream of the Green New Deal group, of which I am a member.

But just imagine what could happen in the UK now if we really committed to this process and used a National Investment Bank to fund it? Another economy and a stronger future would then be possible.

Instead we sit in the sidelines, no doubt discussing austerity, Brexit and the failings of our economy.

We never thought, way back in 2008 when we wrote the Green New Deal that eight tears later it wold still, without any real alteration, be the best alternative economic plan for the UK, but the fact is that it still is.

And we still don't have politicians who will explicitly pick it up and run with it.